Tours 2!

We are resuming weekend public tours as promised after Qing Ming from 21st April to May 13th. Our committed band of volunteer guides who will guide in pairs will be conducting tours over the next 4 weekends with standard times from 9 am – 11 am, meeting at the ‘ole raintree just as you enter the gates of Bukit Brown Cemetery. Please look out for updates on this page. The only exception is the tour on Saturday 28th April which […]

My Cheng Beng

 淸明- 杜牧 (唐著名詩人) 淸明時節雨紛紛  qīng míng shí jié yǔ fēn fēn 路上行人欲斷魂  lù shàng xíng rén yù duàn hún 借問酒家何處在  jiè wèn jiǔ jiā hé chù yǒu 牧童遙指杏花村  mù tóng yáo zhǐ xìng huā cūn Incessantly the rain falls during Qingming On the roads are travelers deep in sorrow Where is there a tavern to be found? The shepherd boy points to Xinghua (Almond Flower) Village in the distance (poem by Dumu translated by Ang Yik Han) My Cheng Beng […]