Between the past & present….

The Purpose of Keeping Heritage sites is to Preserve the Physical Linkage between the Present and Past When the relevant authorities were planning for the cemetery to give way to the highway, did  they know the historical value of Bukit Brown? Or was it after the researchers and the public’s strong interest and views that they suddenly realised the importance of this site?  If this is the case, it reflects a deeper layer of problem: do the upper echelons of […]

Alex and Lim Kee Tong

Alex Lim’s Story  Part II On the 2nd April 2012, Alex Lim and his family observed Qing Ming at Bukit Brown starting with his grandmother’s tomb,  Tan Tee Teo which was accessed  from Lornie Road. Part II continues as the family proceeded into Bukit Brown proper,  to Hill 4 where they paid their respects to Lim Kee Tong and his wife, the paternal great great grandparents to Alex and his brothers. Lim Kee Tong was a Singapore pioneer businessman and […]