“A people without history”

A people without history Is not redeemed from time, for history is a pattern Of timeless moments. …We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. Through the unknown, unremembered gate When the last of earth left to discover Is that which was the beginning (T. S. ELIOT, Little Gidding, Four Quartets)

Hungry Ghosts

The Origins, Traditions and Beliefs of what today has become popularly  known as “The Hungry Ghost Festival” by Victor Yue Between the ancient Chinese characters   and the modern English vocabulary, there seems to be a big mis-match as to  what the festival is about. But for ease of communication, some terms that seem to be closest in translation would  it seems,  have to do. In some cases, such as events,  more exciting phrases were coined   in Chinese and explains I […]