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  Zaobao News Dec 17, 2012 Seeking pupils of Gongshan Primary School cohort 1959 – 1964 for grand reunion. If you were a pupil then, please contact your classmates, phone numbers available at Zaobao. 工商学校子班师生寻求大团圆 这是南洋工商补习学校(现称工商小学)1964年小学毕业的六年级子班师生,在欧南路旧校舍梯阶前拍摄的毕业纪念照。至今尚有联络的当年几名毕业生,想找回1959年一子班到1964年六子班的同窗和老师,下月举办共庆离校50周年团聚会。 上述班级学生,可拨电话和当年同学联络。 What has this to do with Bukit Brown?  HEAPS! For one, as Raymond notes, the school was previously located in Outram Hill where the land is shared between the school and the tombs of Tan Tock Seng and Mrs Tan Kim Ching and Mrs […]