Birds, Flowers & More….


Today 4 March, somewhere in Bukit Brown, itsy, bitsy spider…..

A spider the size of a man's palm according to Ang Hock Chuan

……not quite according to man who encountered the spider, and thankfully avoided destroying the web. Can anyone identify the species?

Bukit Brown is teeming with bird life spotted  : 27th Feb -2nd March

Yellow-Vented Bulbul captured by Suki Singh

Chestnut Malkoha as captured by Weiwu Lah

Greater Coucal - a rare sighting!

Keen to check out Bukit Brown but not sure what you might find? First check out our events page, and find out which tours you might like to join. Our tours, led by volunteers, feature Heritage, Habitat and History. Our partners list their events here, and we highlight other public events in our bid to educate more people about the treasure that is Bukit Brown.

This past weekend ( 25 February 2012) the Nature Society had a leisurely ramble. Why not when you can enjoy the weather in the lush greenery of a 233 hectare park? As you visit Bukit Brown, listen for the bird calls and look out for these beautiful residents of Bukit Brown. This too is their home.

Tiger Strike (photo: Georgina Chin)


White-Collared Kingfisher (photo: Lawrence Ang)




There are also owls in Bukit Brown of course. But we haven’t yet got  a good photograph. Yet. We conduct night tours, usually on full moon nights to enjoy more sights, and listen for bird calls and look for bats.


Owl (by SOSbukit Brown)


And while looking around, don’t forget to look down and not up — many graves have beautiful tiles, whether of scenery, traditional stories or beautiful birds like these ones.


Swallows or sparrows? (photo: Suki Singh)


Mandarin ducks which mate for life, symbolising love (photo: Yeo Say Ann)


One of many peacock tiles (photo: Claire Leow)


And look out for insect life and mushrooms …


Brown butterfly (photo: Raymond Goh)


Colourful butterfly tiles (photo: Suki Singh)





White mushrooms bloom after the rain (photo: Raymond Goh)


Daun kadut used in nasi ulam (photo: Claire Leow)


Be careful with the mushrooms, and the stinkhorns but there are also edible plants in Bukit Brown, such as this leaf used in Malay cooking.








Be careful where you stand when looking for shade!













And then, of course, there are the flowers of Bukit Brown…


Composite photo of flower tiles found in Bukit Brown (Photo:Joy Loh)


Composite photo of flower tiles found in Bukit Brown (photo: Raymond Goh)


Red tiles beautifully preserved (photo: Raymond Goh)


An elaborately tiled tomb featuring flowers (photo: Claire Leow)


For the love of flowers - carving at See Tiong Wah's grave (photo: Yik Han)


Here is a pair of  “love of flowers” panels from See Tiong Wah’s tomb. The right side shows Tao Yuanming with his chrysanthemums and on the left we have Lin Bu (林逋) with his beloved plum blossoms (梅). Lin lived a simple and quiet life during the Song dynasty and was interested in neither fame nor riches. Single till his death, he indulged himself in cultivating plum trees and rearing cranes to the extent that his contemporaries said “the plum tree is as his wife and the cranes his children”. The panel on the left has many plum blossoms but the cranes are missing … (text by Yik Han)


Often there are fresh flowers for a beloved (photo: Victor Yue)



Small flowers, sometimes grown over a grave when renovated (eg Ang Seah Im's grave) (photo: Claire Leow)


Enjoy your walk with nature at Bukit Brown! (photo: Melissa Chong)


After what you see here and will experience yourself, why wouldn’t you enjoy your stroll in this beautiful spot of nature?

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