Family Day Album


Our youngest participant with Astro Boy, our guest of honour (photo:Claire Leow)

Bukit Brown’s first family day on Sunday 11 March had “children” of all ages exploring nature and culture in the open air classroom of life – Heritage, Habitat,History given full expression

The pied piper who will return your children but only if your go along! (photo Victor Yue)

Lets take a break before we continue (photo:Claire Leow)


found something, did we? (photo:Claire Leow)

show and tell (photo:Claire Leow)


(photo Claire Leow)

The adults were also at show and tell by Raymond (photo:Victor Yue)


show and tell with Yik Han in red (photo: Victor Yue)

Meanwhile Charles runs through his lines with the Sikh Guard, while he was kept waiting (photo: Victor Yue)

And the reason it was running late was because at the first station, Peter was loathed to let them go, at least not before a group photo!

They were off to a flying start with guide Peter who "warmed" everyone up including himself

Meanwhile at the Art Station……

(photo:Claire Leow)

(photo:Claire Leow)


Back at the art station, the children proudly display their work with a beaming Mum ( photo:Claire Leow)


Since there was no age limit Peter decides to get into the act and a kodak moment with a French exchange student who went on the tour

The children had moved on to a spot of Haiku composing

Albert Lee discusses the finer points of Haiku with mother Collete Wong ( photo Vicky Tan)

Haiku Station (photo Vicky Tan)

(photo Cuifen)

(photo Claire Leow)

And then children of all ages gathered to hear the story of The Giving Tree

The storyteller Bala spins a tale of "The Giving Tree" (photo: Catherine Lim)


Thank You to our Student Volunteers from SIM! (photo Claire Leow)

Thank You to Ai Loon, Zoo Keeper Emeritus and treasure hunt designed (photo Claire Leow)

Thank You Everyone who came! (photo Catherine Lim)