Talks on Bukit Brown 16 & 19 May


Lai Chee Kien in the Bukit Brown classroom (photo Khoo Ee Hoon)

This Wednesday, Dr. Lai Chee Kien will be sharing his findings during the course of his documentation work on Bukit Brown Cemetery.

The Material Culture of Bricks (photo Raymond Goh)

We are not just talking about bricks and mortar, but the social, economic and cultural history  that can be gleaned from  tombstone materials and design from the 223 hectare cemetery with tombs going as far back as the early 1800s.

Department of Architecture,
National University of Singapore
16 May 2012 (Wednesday)

7pm – 9pm
NUS Museum
Free Admission
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On Saturday the 19th May NLB and All Things Bukit Brown presents:

“Bridging Your Past with Your Present – Tracing your Family History”

Hear about the exciting twists and turns of tracing your roots. This talk will showcase the various ways people have discovered their family histories, through selective case studies of persons buried at the Bukit Brown Cemetery.

The presentation is anchored by  tomb whisperer Raymond Goh  who doggedly bush bashes every weekend  with some members of the Bukit Brown community who have also come to find satisfaction in helping  descendents connect to their ancestors. Sharing their personal experiences will be  Norman Cho, Lim Su Min and Serene Tan – all have been helped by Raymond in one way or another to unravel their family tree.  They will also share additional resources which have aided in their personal discoveries.

Interested participants may also register for a guided tour of Bukit Brown Cemetery.

Date: Saturday May 19, 2012
Time: 05:00 PM – 06:30 PM
Venue: Level 5 – Possibility in National Library Building
Lang: English
Note: Registration is required without payment.
Fees: Free for 1 seat(s)
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