Battlefield Tour (Father’s Day special)


On Sunday, June 17, all things Bukit Brown was privileged to have battlefield archaeologist, Jon Cooper, of The Adam Park Project led the inaugural Battlefield Tour at Cemetery Hill, as Bukit Brown was known 70 years ago when a battle was fought shortly before Singapore fell to the Japanese Imperial Army.

Read his report here. Listen to his tour highlights here.

A rendition of the Battle at Bukit Brown (National Library)


The tour starts on the bridge where Sime Road meets Lornie Road, for an explanation of how that corner came to be called Hellfire Corner, as Jon explains Yamashita’s strategy for the Japanese Imperial Army to crush the defending British forces in the Battle for Singapore.


Did you know that there was a Sime Road POW camp?


These two children had a fun day out with their parents for Father’s Day as they tried to keep pace with Jon (Photo: Claire Leow)


Here, we pass near what would have been the women’s camp during the war (Photo: Claire Leow)


Heading to houses that stand on the previous POW camp (Photo: Claire Leow)




Battlefield positions, buildings and defence lines explained by Jon (Photo: Claire Leow)


We were standing near where the Japanese headquarters used to be (Photo: Claire Leow)


The building that was the Japanese headquarters still stands today (Photo: Claire Leow)


Another view of the Japanese HQ (Photo: Claire Leow)


The tour group with Jon (Photo: Claire Leow)


Defensive positions in Seh Ong Cemetery explained (Photo: Claire Leow)


The goal of the Japanese was to capture what used to be the temple of Bukit Brown (Photo: Claire Leow)


We will have a reprise in late July. Watch out for our details.


Where to meet:

* at the overhead bridge where Sime Road meets Lornie Road, better known as the Singapore Island Country Club (SICC) traffic light. Those coming by bus, the bus stops are right by the overhead bridge.   Map here. See you at the bridge.

* Those coming by car, please park near Bukit Brown Cemetery Gates on Lorong Halwa or in the roundabout after the gates.

Time to meet: 

to be confirmed.


$15 a person. Please register on the Facebook event page, or email us at a.t.bukitbrown@gmail.com if you do not have a Facebook account. Due to the narrow roads, we are capping participation to 25 persons.

Tips on visits:

Please dress appropriately and bring enough water for your hike. Mosquito repellent highly recommended. More tips here, including how to get there.


What the tour entails:

We will start at Hellfire Corner and trace the advance of the Japanese tank division.

Hellfire Corner in 2012 was so called from the amount of Japanese artillery fire the exposed crossroads attracted. It was here that the 3rd Battalion 11th Regiment stormed up Sime Road and across Lornie Road onto ‘Cemetery Hill’.


an old building near Hellfire corner, opposite Bukit Brown, aka Cemetery Hill (Photo: Claire Leow)


Jon Cooper looks at the features around Hellfire Corner (Photo: Claire Leow)


Jon Cooper wil retrace the advance of the Japanese tank unit and the retreat of the British soldiers (Photo: Claire Leow)


Jon Cooper will share the maps showing the defensive positions taken at Bukit Brown Cemetery Hill (Photo: Claire Leow)


We will go “bush-bashing” to find some defensive positions (Photo: Claire Leow)


Jon Cooper re-en!cts the battle at Sime Road, near Hellfire corner, opposite Bukit Brown, aka Cemetery Hill (Photo: Claire Leow)


We will cross from the SICC side back across the overhead bridge to Sime Road entrance to Bukit Brown Cemetery. We will stop at Seh Ong Cemetery to look at how the British soldiers would have tried to build defensive positions.


Seh Ong Cemetery tomb

Volunteer guides from all things Bukit Brown will join Jon to explain the heritage elements of the two cemeteries, Seh Ong and Bukit Brown.

We will end at the tomb of a war hero.

Join us as we share the Heritage. Habitat. History.