Ready for Qing Ming


Ready for Qing Ming (Photo: Khoo Ee Hoon)


It’s that time of the year to get ready for Qing Ming, the tomb-clearing rituals that take place each spring in China. Grass is cut, tombs are cleaned, tiles are scrubbed and inscriptions painted over. (Preparations have started onsite but Qing Ming takes place for 20 days starting March 26.)

This is the last Qing Ming for almost 4,000 tombs affected by the proposed 8-lane highway to be built this year. There are many poignant rituals at Bukit Brown this year as many descendants contemplate their last Qing Ming rituals.

Come and enjoy Bukit Brown, observe these rituals and understand our heritage and history.

We suspend public tours during this time for 2 reasons:

1/ out of respect for descendants, to reduce intrusion into their private moments

2/ out of practical considerations due to the heavy traffic there, and burning of offerings that may affect asthmatic participants and young children.

Nonetheless we walk about quietly to observe and learn. Often families do invite observers to explain the rituals. See if you are lucky enough to meet a welcoming family.


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Mr Chua painting a tomb (Photo: Catherine Lim)


Attention to detail – Mr Chua painting a tomb (Photo: Catherine Lim)


Catherine met Mr Chua who said it will take him about 2 hours to paint the characters. And so far he has cleared and cleaned about 130 tombs ready for Qing Ming