Award-Winning School Video!


The Info.Media Club from Henderson Secondary School would like to express their deepest and heartiest thanks to Leong Kwok PengFaizah JamalCatherine Lim and Alan OwYong for their tremendous help in their submission of the 5 minute documentary on Social Responsibility of Forgotten Places. The video focused on why we need to conserve public spaces like cemeteries in the fast paced lifestyle of Singaporeans.The team is humbled by the generosity of everyone in helping out.

Due to their assistance, the team obtained the Platinum Award for the School’s Digital Media Award, one of the highly acclaimed competition held by MOE and judged by a team of professionals from the media industry. Only 3 out of the 500 over submissions obtained the platinum award.

Watch the video here.

In their own words:

Social Responsibility of ‘Forgotten Places

This documentary aims to educate the public on the importance of cemeteries and graveyards. It showcases the reasons why it is our social responsibility to ensure that these places are conserved.


tree-lined path (Photo: Claire Leow)