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Bukit Brown Voices. A documentary by Two Chiefs. It was first screened at our event, Celebrating Bukit Brown, in January.



Here is an extract from this review.


The film evokes a burial ground for the dead that is literally bursting with life. Ancient rain trees laden with ferns and vines stand watch like sentries over graves, roots encircle the necks of stone lions, spiders scuttle across their webs, and every surface bristles with ants.

The film’s soundtrack is the voice of the woodland: the constant hum of birdsong and the whining throb of cicadas. Shot after shot demonstrates the filmmakers revelling in the sheer beauty of their surroundings, yet the slow-motion panning shots never feel tiresome.

It is the ever-changing quality of the light that makes Bukit Brown such an evocative and highly atmosphere place, and McDairmant and Khoo capture it gorgeously. We see light rays shining through the early morning mist and foliage, the sunlight reflecting off wet vegetation after a rainstorm, light streaking through drifts of smoke.

Although the graves are hauntingly still, it is evident that the landscape itself is in a state of constant regeneration. The undergrowth creeps back every year to reclaim the graves as part of the land, despite family members’ best efforts to keep the graves neat and tidy.


BUKIT BROWN VOICES has been shortlisted in the “Best Asian Documentary” category at the inaugural Endeavours Documentary Film Festival.

Programming Descriptors

FORMS: Documentary

GENRES: Independent, Culture, Social Issue, History

Director; Producer:Brian McDairmant

Director; Producer: Su-Mae Khoo

Production Company: Two Chiefs Films Ltd

Production Country: Singapore

Year: 2012