Some members of the Love  Cycling Sg Face book Group rode  through Bukit Brown on January 2 for a post New Year Nature Tour organised by the Nature Society of Singapore. They enjoyed it so much there organized one on Feb 12.

They came, they saw, and they blogged! Here is one of their reports.


All lined up and ready to explore on foot


Peter Pak shares his passion with a rapt audience


Lets park neatly and explore! That's the spirit!


And here’s a demonstration of how we share personal histories, not necessarily found in the archives or newspapers of the day. This tomb below (Tan Yong Thian) is a relative of one of our friends, Rosalind Tan, who has beautifully restored the site. In part, she cleaned up the front courtyard in anticipation of lessons like this to be shared. It makes history come alive, and helps visitors be more connected to what happens at Bukit Brown. Here, Peter guides. The cyclists were very impressed by the renovation. Rosalind, thank you.


Sharing personal family stories at Tan Yong Thian's tomb


Tan Yong Thian and wife. Beautiful tiles.


As it looked right after renovation in 2011 (no flowers planted yet)


The cyclists moved on to the highlight, the biggest tomb at Bukit Brown.


Doing their signature pose at Ong Sam Leong's tomb


Here's a reverse panoramic shot for a sense of scale


Catherine Lim introduces the iconic Sikh guards



Love Cycling SG visits Bukit Brown and makes an impression!


We love Love Cycling SG! They demonstrate the meaning and spirit of passion. They were considerate to pedestrians and motorists, cycled safely, were caring of each other, attentive to the guides and so patient in the heat as we stopped and trekked often. Yet they never complained and were really keen. We would love to have them back!


And here are some photos of their visit on 2 January…….

Enjoying a leisurely ride through Bukit Brown, sharing space with walkers

Kevin and Gywn loved it so much they got off their bikes to join the nature tour and were instrumental in organising this next one!

Margie Hall was leading the nature tour but felt compelled to detour into cultural heritage when confronted by the Bukit Brown iconic sikh guards.

Margie Hall of Nature Society of Singapore


no bike access, so walk the talk