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a.t. Bukit Brown, all things Bukit Brown, is a labour of love born out of the twin desire to record history and, in a nod to our pioneers, contribute to education by sharing what we learn and find. “We” are  a loose  group of strangers who became friends on the Facebook page, Heritage Singapore – Bukit Brown Cemetery.  As we interacted organically, we began to have extraordinary experiences in finding our roots  – of Singapore,  our own families and the rich eco system which  is flourishing  in Bukit Brown.  And those experiences deepened exponentially when shared, even reaching out to  the Singaporean diaspora and touching regional connections.

As beneficiaries of this unique process, we decided to formalise this so that we can share on a more structured platform and reach out to individuals,  especially educators and students.  We hope a.t.Bukit Brown will be the starting point for  individuals to begin their own journey of discovery, to bridge their past to the present.

There is a splendid rain tree located near the fork in the centre of the park where many of us met face to face for the first time  and began to put faces to stories.

a.t.Bukit Brown aspires to be like the loving tree a place where strangers come together and share their stories and knowledge, where friendship grows in a common quest for identity, where wisdom may take root.


Heritage Tree


About the Blog:

Our home page features stories, thematically. In Memoriam tells the stories of those buried at Bukit Brown as told by living descendants in their search for roots. This is the goldmine of the blog. Aesthetics details some of the finds at Bukit Brown, such as the stone or marble sculptures, tiles and poetry. Culture touches on the contemporaneous history and customs of the lives of those buried in Bukit Brown, which date from 1833, and which Bukit Brown Cemetery’s operational years cover (1923-1973).  Events highlights upcoming events to sign up for, at Bukit Brown or elsewhere as they relate to the subject at hand, and provides a record of past events searchable by date. Resources is where you can find useful information, maps, or Ask Raymond for assistance. Habitat covers flora and fauna. Your Say invites your reflection and thoughts on Bukit Brown and what impact it has had on your life. Tombs serves to provide insights to the personalities and contributions of  the residents of Bukit Brown. More in our welcome note here.

We welcome contributions  to the blog. We need writers, researchers, volunteers for our outreach events organised by the Facebook group. Contact us at a.t.bukitbrown@gmail.com


Posts on this blog may be reproduced  with attribution to a.t. Bukit Brown for educational purposes only unless otherwise stated.





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