KSW's Tomb (photo Khoo Ee Hoon)

Visiting Khoo Seok Wan’s Grave

by Cherlyn Lee Suet Yean I am a Junior College  student who loves history and writing poetry. To me, history is a grand story  with so many interesting details waiting to be discovered. In my free time, I love taking long walks  around Singapore, letting my feet absorb the atmosphere of different places. I learn so much about  Singapore’s history that way. Naturally, I am interested in Bukit Brown because it is full of history. In fact, I went there [...]

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A - QM

Qing Ming Observances 2014

  By Sugen Ramiah The Qing Ming festival, or  tomb sweeping day, is  observed by the Chinese worldwide. It is a day for them  to pay homage to their ancestors, either by visiting graveyards, columbariams  or ancestral tablets in ancestral halls. The actual day falls either on the 4th ot 5th  of April, but families have a window of  ten days before or after the actual day to conduct Qing Ming.  This year, I was fortunate to have been able [...]

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Embracing Lost  souls (photo Victor Yue)

Intrinsic Value of Bukit Brown

By Claire Leow This week marks the second anniversary of this blog, started to support a volunteer effort to raise awareness of Bukit Brown’s intrinsic value: its heritage, habitat and history. More importantly, it marks the 72th anniversary of the Fall of Singapore to Japanese occupation during World War II. The two anniversaries dovetailed neatly as All Things Bukit Brown hosted a special tour to mark the Remembrance of the War Dead, tracing the routes of the Japanese advance and [...]

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Many beautiful sculptures, worthy of preservation

Inspired by Bukit Brown

  by Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh My wife and I went on a lovely tour of Bukit Brown, conducted by Fabian, lawyer-cum-history buff and very proud “Brownie”, on the morning of Saturday, January 25th 2014. Before then, the last time I had visited Bukit Brown was in Junior College, when classmates and I would go there for a spooky tipple, more focused on whisky than history. Only now do I realise how much I have missed. On that Saturday, I learned [...]

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Chew grave documentation project

Batu Pahat Connection : Chew Chai Pin 蒋才品 # 1253

  Chew Chai Pin (b. 11 November 1911 – d. 13 June 1941) Among the 4,000 graves which will have to be exhumed to make way for the highway is that of Chew Chai Pin (# 1253) Chew Chai Pin was one of three founders  of the Chinese High School in Batu Pahat.  Unlike the other prominent Chinese men who contributed to the school, Chew was not well known then in the community.    He held the concurrent  position of [...]

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Ong Kim Soon 1  (photo June Tan)

Exhumed: Ong Kim Soon #508 @ Seh Ong

  On  2nd  January, 2014, June Tan   witnessed and photo documented the exhumation of her grandfather, Ong Kim Soon. She also shared with us the testimonial of how a promise was fulfilled to carry on the lineage of another family. It speaks to men and women  of honour and ties of kinship which live on till today. *** By June Tan My grandfather was an ordinary man. He worked hard to make ends meet and was an honest man of [...]

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(photo Aylwin Tan).jpg 11

Exhumed:Tan Cheng Moh #769 & Tan Siok Hwa #763

  A personal account by Aylwin Tan who witnessed the exhumation of his grandfather and aunt at Bukit Brown on the morning of Wednesday, 8th January,2014. *** I received a phone call from the exhumation office about 1.5 hours after I had registered. Picked my Dad up and went directly to the gravesite. The green tentage is that of my aunt Tan Siok Hwa (aged 10) and the grey is my grandpa, Tan Cheng Moh. Both were killed during a [...]

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Montage of Tiles (photo composite: Joy Loh)

The Bukit Brown Tiles

  The  Art Nouveau (Peranakan) tiles of Bukit Brown have caught the attention of a French academic who helms an international research team. The team  has embarked on a 4 year study of the tiles in Asia, under an MOU with the Unesco University and Heritage Forum. Professor Chantal Zheng together with her husband, Dr Zheng Shun-De, visited Bukit Brown recently, guided by our tiles expert, Victor Lim. The visit, so impressed them, they wrote to All Things Bukit Brown [...]

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