Getting There/游览信息

  Disclaimer: By agreeing to take this walking tour of Bukit Brown Cemetery, I understand and accept that I must be physically fit and able to do so.To the extent permissible by law, I agree to assume any and all risk of injury or bodily harm to myself and persons in my care (including child or ward) Registration: Our weekend public tours are FREE … Optimally the group size is 30 participants (15 individuals/guide). Please click on the event page […]

Ancestry Tracing

ANCESTRY TRACING Norman Cho previously shared the moving story of finding his grandfather’s final resting place. He recently built him a tomb. Here, he shares how to trace your lineage. Where to begin? Oral communication Family documents (e.g. letters, bills) Public records (e.g. clan association records) Internet search engines (e.g. Google) Newspaper archives (e.g. newspaperSG) How to Search on site: Enclose names with quotation marks when submitting a search, e.g. “Tan Kim Huat” Remember that spellings were not consistent […]