Family Photo Lee Suan Yew

LKY’s Maternal Ancestors Found!

  Today’s Chinese newspaper Zaobao,   reported on a significant find  of Lee Kuan Yew’s  maternal ancestry  in the depths of the forest  of Bukit Brown. It is the find of the year (2014) for Bukit Brown  researchers and bloggers  Raymond Goh and Walter Lim. Please click on image to enlarge “The  4 related tombs ranging from 70 to 127 years in Bukit Brown and Greater Bukit Brown (Lao Sua)  has been rediscovered by local historical researchers and are valuable […]

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T1 Pix 3 Charcoal Factory

Romancing Taiping (I)

 Romancing Taiping (Part 1) A photo essay by Simone Lee  “I was a little apprehensive at the beginning. Even as a Malaysian, I’ve never heard of anyone raving about a visit to Taiping. But while we were there, I fell in love…………” Simone Lee (Brownie*) Taiping History (in brief) Plagued by fierce feuds ( The Larut Wars)  between 2  prominent Chinese secret societies(Ghee Hin and Hai San,   this  once flourishing town in Perak, which prospered from tin mining was […]

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Show and Tell photo Ang Hock Chuan

Bukit Brown : Documenting New Horizons of Knowledge

  Bukit Brown : Documenting New Horizons of Knowledge Location: NLB 9th flood from now until 10 October’14 and thereafter it will travel to other regional libraries. The exhibition was officially opened on Saturday 19 July,2014 by MOS (Ministry of National Development) Desmond Lee. It represents almost one and half years of research and working the ground documenting some 4,153 tombstones which are affected by the building of a new highway across Bukit Brown, by a team under the leadership […]

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BB Gates Sept 2013 (photo Theresa Teng)

  Meeting Point for all events : As you enter the Jalan Halwa gates, on your left near the LTA container office,  under the soon to be endangered beautiful raintree. Friday 29 November, 5 pm – 7pm ” A Walk into the Past” with Andrew Lim Join Andrew as he takes you through the the former Kheam Hock Village into Bukit Brown and bids farewell to our poet of the south. Please bring torch lights for this guided walk Facebook […]

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The staked Tok Tombs at Hill 2 (photo Bianca Polak)

  Walk into Twilight with Andrew Lim 22 Friday, Nov 2013. Time 5 pm to 7pm Andrew will be visiting the staked tombs which will have to make way for the highway in Hills 1, 2 and 5. Meeting place at the ole rain tree, on your left as you enter the gates  Please bring torch lights, as darkness falls fast. Facebook registration here Hills 1 & 4 with Fabian Tee, 23 Saturday, Nov 2013. Time 9am – 11.30am Meeting […]

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(photo Victor Yue)

  Two Guided Walks this weekend Saturday 16, November 2013, Mandarin Tour 9am – 11.30am 一个小岛国的城市绿洲,武吉布朗,历史与丛林交汇的世外桃源! 武吉布朗导览义工 Fabien Tee, Andrew Lim 和 Yik Han 将为大家介绍安葬于武吉布朗墓园的新加坡开埠先驱及达官显要,这些先贤在二十世纪上半叶为新加坡作出了巨大的贡献. 我们也将探讨他们当时所处的历史背景。 在亲身瞻仰这些先贤的坟墓之余,大家也有机会认识墓碑和坟墓的不同设计及相关风水,以及了解华人的殡葬习俗。 陆路交通管理局授权的工程公司已经准备动工挖掘与迁坟,再过不久,4153座先贤的坟墓与遗骸将被发掘殆尽,道路工程也会开始,新加坡仅存的值得保留的历史遗迹也将被铲除。时间所剩不多,要了解武吉布朗的历史与文化价值就要赶紧参加我们的导览团。 集合地点: 环状绕道前的雨豆树下。可惜的是,这棵高大凛然的雨豆树可能也会因筑路工程而不保。坟场正门之后往前走大约20米,雨豆树就在土管局临时办事处的右边。 ======================================== 报名: 我们在周末为公众提供的导览服务是免费的 理想人数为一团三十人(平均一名导览员十五人) 请在我们的Facebook活动页面按‘参加’/‘加入’,然后告诉我们共有多少人与你一同参加活动,或直接在活动当天上午9时在集合地点与我们会合。风雨无阻,不见不散。 Sunday 17 Nov, English “Moving House” Tour 9am – 11.30am Exhumations are scheduled to begin in December. Join Peter Pak to farewell the pioneers who will be “moving house” to make way for the highway. He will be taking you to the staked graves […]

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Kranji War Memorial Sunday 11 November, 2013 (photo Khoo Ee Hoon)

  Dateline Sunday 10 November, Kranji War Memorial. Remembrance Day was commemorated at the Kranji War Memorial in a ceremony dedicated to those who died fighting for Singapore during World War II. Brownies Khoo Ee Hoon and Mok Ly Yng who attended the memorial service had another mission when they were there,  to seek out the names of 5 soldiers who had been listed as missing in the  Battle at Cemetery Hill (Seh Ong and Bukit Brown Cemeteries). Based on […]

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