The Story Behind # 2906

  The Story Behind Peg 2906 by Norman Cho How many of us believe in the unexplained? There are reasons why certain things happen unexpectedly.  But are we receptive enough to take the cue from such signs?  One recent account was of tomb 481 which was pegged 2906 at Bukit Brown Cemetery, slated for exhumation to make way for the 8 lane highway due to slice the cemetery in half by 2017/ A post about the Ee Hoe Hean Club […]

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The Brownies with Constance Singam, one of the judges and a highly esteemed civil activist and writer

Advocacy Awards 2014

    All Things Bukit Brown is pleased to announce that it is the first recipient of the Civil Society Advocate Organisation of the Year Award in the inaugural Singapore Advocacy Awards. This is our acceptance speech at the ceremony on August 30, 2014.  “We are honoured and humbled to have been deemed deserving to receive this award by a dedicated and diverse panel of activists, many of whom have worked tirelessly and for a much longer time on a […]

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Romancing Taiping 2

A photo essay by Simone Lee  “I was a little apprehensive at the beginning. Even as a Malaysian, I’ve never heard of anyone raving about a visit to Taiping. But while we were there, I fell in love…………” Simone Lee Romancing Taiping  1  continues with part 2  as Simone Lee takes you through to  sights and sounds  from cemeteries – of course -  to temples and museums. Hokkien Cemetery The most valuable tomb in Taiping belongs to Ng Boo Bee. […]

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Half the tour group at the Sikh guards on the right

On May 19, Brownies Peter and Claire guided a meandering route covering Hills 1, 3 and 4. The weather was beautiful if exceptionally hot! A white-collared kingfisher even sat patiently on a branch listening to Peter as the tour kicked off at Ho Siak Kuan’s tomb site.       Peter was on top form, and barely needed help from co-guide Claire and nature guides Beng and Angie! He says: On behalf of the “Brownies” thank you for spending your […]

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Tan Boon Hak (Photo: Claire Leow)

One tour good, two tours better, three tours – spoilt for choice! Register on the Facebook page, RSVP here (specify which tour) or just turn up. Thursday night – evening tour with Andrew https://www.facebook.com/events/496317713767870/ A night walk through Bukit Brown at night, where you will meet heroes of the past, Sikh guards with tales to tell, and hear the jub-jub-jub of the nightjars. A mystery location where time stands still. Come discover our heritage and history, while enjoying the habitat. […]

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BB Voices

  Saturday, 11th May 2013 at 12 noon. Get your tickets here …   Bukit Brown Voices. A documentary by Two Chiefs. It was first screened at our event, Celebrating Bukit Brown, in January.     Here is an extract from this review.   The film evokes a burial ground for the dead that is literally bursting with life. Ancient rain trees laden with ferns and vines stand watch like sentries over graves, roots encircle the necks of stone lions, […]

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Little Tomb Guardian (Photo- Joyce Le Mersurier)

  If you heard Brownie Claire Leow at her recent TEDx talk on Bukit Brown’s Heritage.Habitat.History, you would have heard her mention these Malay sisters who grew up in Kampung Kheam Hock on the grounds of the cemetery. Take a walk down Memory Lane with Claire and a special guest, Phye Ahmad, born and raised on the grounds of Bukit Brown Cemetery. This Kampung Tour is a wonderful ramble in the lush surrounds as pictured above, and Phye and our […]

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