National Anthem Huat Ah _ Lawrence Chong

Celebrating Our Bukit Brown, Our People, Our Home NDP’14

  Singapore is 49 and Bukit Brown is 92! The invitation went  out weeks before on the blog, on Facebook, the event of the year at Bukit Brown, celebrating the nation’s birthday. Thank you to all who  came,  regulars, first timers, old and young, singers and well wishers.  The official NDP’14 theme was a good fit : NDP ’14 (Nations Deceased Pioneers) @ Bukit Brown this year honours the “can do” and caring spirit of our pioneers who helped to […]

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beauty shot_Teremce Heng

“Chao-du” @ Bukit Brown

  Preamble : Hungry Ghost Festival Saturday, 26th July was the eve of what is popularly known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, and less well known by its traditional name of  Zhongyuan Jie, which in essence is also about honouring ancestors.    It takes place at the start of  the Chinese 7th lunar month, and it is when the gates of hell  open and the spirits of dead are free to wander among the living  for a month. To appease […]

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Family Photo Lee Suan Yew

LKY’s Maternal Ancestors Found!

  A postscript : Saturday 2 nd August, descendants are brought to visit the cluster of tombs belonging to Chua Kim Teng,  Seow Geok Luan and Chua Eng Cheong by Raymond Goh “Touching and joyous moments as descendants of Chua Kim Teng’s family pay respects to their ancestors for the first time. Even the ground was pulsating with energy as my compass luopan went haywire” Raymond Goh. *** Today’s Chinese newspaper Zaobao,   reported on a significant find  of Lee […]

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claire at BB (Photo- George Lim)

Fresh from her inspiring TED EX presentation, brownie Claire will lead a tour round the heritage park.========================================= By agreeing to take this walking tour of bukit brown cemetery I understand and accept that I must be physically fit and able to do so. To the extent permissible by law, I agree to assume any and all risk of injury or bodily harm to myself and persons in my care (including child or ward). ========================================= Come visit Bukit Brown Heritage Park […]

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Painted tiles (Photo: Joyce Le Mesurier)

  A gentle ramble through Hills 1, 2 and 5, telling stories of war heroes and ordinary people who did or not survive the war.  And a chance to enjoy a set of beautiful painted tiles (above). Guided by Claire and Yik Han, with tiles expert Victor. For the full photo essay, enjoy this album by Joyce Le Mesurier. Isn’t it time you joined us to enjoy our Heritage, Habitat, History? Our events are posted weekly.   Print PDF

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The building that was the Japanese headquarters still stands today (Photo: Claire Leow)

  Now that Qing Ming is over, we resume tours. This Sunday, Jon Cooper conducts the very popular battlefield tour. On Feb 15, 1942, Singapore fell just one week after Japanese forces landed. As they headed down south, fierce battles were fought in the Adam Park area and the fighting extended to Bukit Brown, then known as Cemetery Hill. “On the evening of 14th February 1942, the rolling hills of the Bukit Brown Cemetery were suddenly engulfed in a barrage […]

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Roar....... a cub tackles a lion (photo Gan Su-Lin)

Dateline: Sunday 17th March, 2013 – 2pm-4pm Project: A Community Service by Pack 3017 of the Cub Scouts of America (age 7-11 years)  to “spring clean” the tombs on Hill 1,  supported by the Brownies. The project  began with  showers of blessings, that came and went. Undaunted, about 30 cub scouts accompanied by their parents  cleaned up some 40 tombs on Hill 1. Their timing was perfect, 2 weeks before the annual Qing Ming festival when descendants  spruce up  tombs […]

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