Bukit Brown 16 May 2015 Anza Tour Claire Leow

First Weekend of Every Month : Regular Guided Walks

  In response to requests for forward planning from interested participants, atBB will commit  to conducting  regular guided walks at set time slot every first Saturday and Sunday of the month. Saturday 9 am – 11.30am Sunday 4 pm – 6.30pm Meeting place until further notice: Within the gates of Bukit Brown where there is a site construction office as you enter about 100 meters on your left. Please note: Disclaimer: By agreeing to take this walking tour of Bukit […]

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victor lim tiles tour

Bukit Brown and its Peranakan tiles (Mon 01 Jun’15 – Vesak day)

This Vesak day holiday, join Victor Lim & Jonathan on a tour through the cemetery where they will focus on the various tiles used in the tomb designs. Learn more about “Peranakan” or majolica tiles from our tiles expert!  Meeting Point: Bukit Brown entrance gates at Lorong Halwa Tour starts at 9am and ends at 12pm. ————————————————————————— Difficulty: Average, some trekking required Please bring umbrella or poncho / sun block / mosquito repellent. Please wear covered footwear. ————————————————————————— sign up here: […]

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bukit brown gates  [photo: Zhi Hao]

Bukit Brown – an introduction tour (24 May’15 @9am)

Join Zhi Hao on a introduction tour of Bukit Brown. Hear the stories of notable pioneers which include revolutionaries, social reformers, bankers, war heroes, etc. and the historical context of their lives and times. Also, get to know basic tomb architecture and the significance to the after life. Meeting Point: Bukit Brown entrance gates at Lorong Halwa Tour starts at 9am and ends at 12pm. ————————————————————————— Difficulty: Average, some trekking required Please bring umbrella or poncho / sun block / […]

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A big crowd in the peaceful surrounds of Hill 1 (Photo: Khoo Ee Hoon)

Bukit Brown. More than a cemetery. More than a Chinese cemetery.  Come discover our heritage, history and habitat.  LTA has released news on exhumation and tender for road building. Take this opportunity to experience Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery as it is now. Peter will be guiding participants through the heavily staked tombs of Hill 1 and Hill 2 and share the stories about their occupants. Where time permits, we might head on to visit the biggest tomb in Bukit Brown, […]

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NDP_Bianca Polak

  It was Singapore’s 48th National Day and Bukit Brown’s 91st year.  We sang the national anthem and recited the pledge with gusto and with pride. But when it came to observing a minute’s silence to honour  the pioneers who are buried in Bukit Brown, there was a palpable sense of sadness. We remembered especially those whose graves are to be exhumed to make way for the highway.. James Tann captured this poignant moment as some 80 participants from the […]

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Keng Kiat introduces grandparents of Lim Boon Keng (Photo: Claire Leow)

  Join Brownie Keng Kiat for guided walks Thursday 8th August and Sunday 11th August to  Hills 4 and 1, respectively. Time: 9am – 11.30am, Meeting place at the ‘ole raintree to the left as you enter the gates at Jalan Halwa How to get there and handy tips here: http://bukitbrown.com/main/?p=1347 By agreeing to take this walking tour of bukit brown cemetery I understand and accept that I must be physically fit and able to do so.To the extent permissible by […]

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Flying the flag high and proud. Majullah Singapura! With thanks and respect to all who came before us, and built this land.

A long weekend, and lots of heritage events for you relating to Bukit Brown – onsite and offsite! Onsite: National Day, 9 August, from 4 pm to 8 pm. “Many Stories, One Singapore@Bukit Brown” From coolies to compradors, poets to philanthropists, businessmen to bankers, entrepreneurs to educationists, doctors to diplomats, musicians, builders, architects and our war heroes : this National Day, we honour our early pioneers and their contributions to the nation. Join us as we fan out over all […]

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