Hard at work (montage by Perry Tan)

Standard Chartered Bank CSR @ Bukit Brown – Take 2

by Perry Tan Standard Chartered Bank In April 2014, in collaboration with All Things Bukit Brown, we conceptualised a guided walk with a  Clean-Up at Bukit Brown, where a team of 35 volunteers from Standard Chartered were taken on a guided tour, before spending  up to 4 hours cleaning  tombs. The organising committee were initially ambivalent about volunteer response and feedback, since such an unique CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) event at a cemetery was previously unheard of. Our ambivalence proved to be […]

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Tour Report: The Sunday Morning Walk

Report for 28 Sept Morning Walk     It was a good start to the lovely Sunday morning as there were a mix of familiar faces and enthusiastic participants who were there for the first time. 15 participants joined Simone and Steven for a stroll around Hill 3 and visited tombs of some of Singapore’s prominent pioneers; including Tan Keong Saik, Chew Boon Lay and Ong Sam Leong who all have roads named after them.The group were taken  back to WW 2 […]

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The Story Behind # 2906

  The Story Behind Peg 2906 by Norman Cho How many of us believe in the unexplained? There are reasons why certain things happen unexpectedly.  But are we receptive enough to take the cue from such signs?  One recent account was of tomb 481 which was pegged 2906 at Bukit Brown Cemetery, slated for exhumation to make way for the 8 lane highway due to slice the cemetery in half by 2017/ A post about the Ee Hoe Hean Club […]

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China Society May 2013 eCircular

  Event Report by Darren Koh Claire’s talk was entitled “Bukit Brown: Heritage Habitat History”. It was delivered to the China Society, a society founded in 1949 by a certain Dr Lim Boon Keng, to promote Chinese culture. Some of its activities forthcoming activities include a study in the 4 Great Chinese Chinese Classics, a group dedicated to Architecture, and another dedicated to Chinese ceramics. In short – it was a group quite well informed about things historical and things […]

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Jon Cooper's May 26 tour (Photo: Bianca Polak)

      On Feb 15, 1942, Singapore fell just one week after Japanese forces landed. As they headed down south, fierce battles were fought in the Adam Park area and the fighting extended to Bukit Brown, then known as Cemetery Hill. “On the evening of 14th February 1942, the rolling hills of the Bukit Brown Cemetery were suddenly engulfed in a barrage of flame and fire. It appeared like scene from Dante’s ‘Inferno’. ” Jon Cooper, the battlefield archaeologist […]

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Teochew porcelain tomb (Photo: Oh Chew Hiang)

        Walter Lim, who blogs on Bukit Brown, led this Mandarin tour. Check out Oh’s beautiful photo essay here. Check out our tours and join us! Related posts: Brownies in the News: Zaobao report in Mandarin and translated into English Print PDF

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Jade girl (Photo: Daniel Tan)

  It’s hard not to be moved by the passion of the tomb whisperer! On Vesak, he conducted a special tour despite the heavy rain. Co-guides: Fabian and Victor.                     For the full album by Bianca, click here. Check out our tours and join us! Print PDF

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