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Romancing Taiping (I)

 Romancing Taiping (Part 1) A photo essay by Simone Lee  “I was a little apprehensive at the beginning. Even as a Malaysian, I’ve never heard of anyone raving about a visit to Taiping. But while we were there, I fell in love…………” Simone Lee (Brownie*) Taiping History (in brief) Plagued by fierce feuds ( The Larut Wars)  between 2  prominent Chinese secret societies(Ghee Hin and Hai San,   this  once flourishing town in Perak, which prospered from tin mining was […]

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Show and Tell photo Ang Hock Chuan

Bukit Brown : Documenting New Horizons of Knowledge

  Bukit Brown : Documenting New Horizons of Knowledge Location: NLB 9th flood from now until 10 October’14 and thereafter it will travel to other regional libraries. The exhibition was officially opened on Saturday 19 July,2014 by MOS (Ministry of National Development) Desmond Lee. It represents almost one and half years of research and working the ground documenting some 4,153 tombstones which are affected by the building of a new highway across Bukit Brown, by a team under the leadership […]

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NDP 2012

NDP ’14 @Bukit Brown Our People, Our Home

  Register for our annual NDP Celebrations for 2014 Date 9 August, Time: 4pm – 7pm Meeting place : Gates of Lorong Halwa, where we will begin by taking a group photo. NDP ’14 (Nations Deceased Pioneers) @ Bukit Brown this year honours the “can do” and caring spirit of our pioneers who helped to forge bonds which built the foundations for SG 50. It is the story of how “Our People” in Bukit Brown made Singapore, “Our Home”. There […]

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Lead Guide, Yik Han leads the way to the first glimpse of Ong Sam Leong's spectacular tomb visible from google earth ( photo Kelly Cheng)

A group of 0ver 60 turned up for the “themed” tour which focused  on intricately craved  tomb panels and their symbolic meanings. The lead guide Yik Han also gave an introduction to “Tomb Cons” – how tomb contractors go about building the tombs based on the requirements of their “clients” Some comments from participants on the tour: Low Kah Fai: Thanks for the effort of putting this tour together and kudos to you and fellow guides. a enriching tour. hope […]

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Leow Chia Heng, March 17 tour

A wonderful day with a large crowd! Led by guides Peter Pak and Yik Han, more than 50 people turned up for the tour, one of the last ones before the start of Qing Ming, and thereafter exhumation for the highway. if you haven’t been to Bukit Brown, don’t procrastinate any more!           Yeo Bian Chuan was born in Rhio (Riau island of Indonesia). He came at a very young age to Singapore and was educated […]

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RGS girls on tour

This week, All Things Bukit Brown and the Nature Society were proud to guide 480 students from Raffles Girls’ School to Bukit Brown for their Learning Journey. Alumni Claire Leow, founder-editor of atBB, had learnt of their Learning Journey programme and offered to find volunteer guides, called Brownies, to help give depth to their learning. As it happened over 4 days this week on week days, it was no mean feat to get enough guides to lead. But the passion and […]

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Walter guides a Mandarin tour, while Chee Kien and Yik Han plan the next move (Photo: Claire Leow)

Not one but three tours this Sunday March 10! One, the Battlefield Tour by Jon Cooper, is already booked out. Join the English or Mandarin heritage tours and see what the fuss is about. Enjoy the Heritage, Habitat and History of Bukit Brown.   Heritage Tour 9am to 11.30am https://www.facebook.com/events/395746103857675/?context=create# Mandarin Tour 9am to 12.30pm https://www.facebook.com/events/487243638004613/?ref=2   Come visit Bukit Brown Heritage Park and see for yourself why this place is currently ranked among the top ten attractions of Singapore […]

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