Died of Grief?

  Two weeks ago, the tour guides called Brownies visited this grave nestled in the thick undergrowth. Her moving story was told and donations raised to clear the tomb. We reveal here its glory. What intricate carvings for a young and delicate life lost too soon. Did she die of grief? There is the story of this young lady, Tan Keng Lee, who died aged 26 in what the judge F. G. Bourne ruled to be suicide, possibly due to […]

Tai Chi at Bukit Brown

The peaceful abode of Ong Sam Leong lends serenity for a group of tai chi practitioners:     The backstory: Brownie Claire Leow has encountered this friendly group daily at the Botanic Gardens for the past 16 months, and befriended them. Last week, she introduced fellow Brownie Millie Phuah to them as both of them are interested in learning tai chi. As Mil and Claire shared their passion for Bukit Brown, the group decided to visit and practise there for […]

Found but Under Threat?

    Seah Eu Chin’s tomb has just been found in the greater Bukit Brown area and already, appears to be under threat as it lies along the proposed North-South Highway, Lianhe Zaobao reports:   魏瑜嶙 @魏瑜嶙 elynh@sph.com.sg   义安公司创始人佘有进(1805-1883),被发现葬在大巴窑镇边一座状似元宝的坟山顶端,不过古墓园早已被丛生杂树和藤蔓湮没,半个多世纪来,几乎没有人知道这个丛林间长眠着本地名噪一时的先驱人物。   上个星期五,亚洲超自然侦探协会创办人吴安全(右)和弟弟吴安龙,经过一年的寻觅后,在汤申路附近的大巴窑西路,发现佘有进和两位夫人合葬的墓园。佘有进墓园占地面积相信和较早发现的本地最大的闽籍富商王三龙墓园差不多。由于年代久远,坟墓一些石角也已剥落,但从四周矮围墙和福神位置,不难看出墓园的宏伟。   这相信是本地目前所发现的最大潮籍人坟墓。佘有进有“甘蜜大王”称号,中峇鲁区内的“有进街”(Eu Chin Street)就是以他的名字命名。   他有四个儿子,其中靠近桥北路的连城街(Liang Seah Street)和丹戎巴葛的柏城街(Peck Seah Street),是以他两个在华社颇有名望的儿子佘连城和佘柏城名字命名,他们俩曾被英国殖民地政府封为太平绅士。   据知,由于古墓园所在之地,刚好是陆路交通管理局去年公布拟建的南北高速公路大巴窑坡出入口,很可能会被迫让路。 *** Today, Raymond brought the descendants to see the newly found tomb. The volunteers of Bukit Brown, known as Brownies, assisted through the thick undergrowth and found an intricate tomb worthy of preservation as […]

Short Documentary

Do not miss this beautifully shot documentary (click to watch) by Wong Yew Jun Jun that features eloquent interviews, including from a runner who loves running through a theatre of history and cultural artifacts. Done by Ngee Ann Polytechnic team.

Material Culture of Bukit Brown

This is the recording of the lecture by Lai Chee Kien on the material culture of Bukit Brown (click to access video). Maintaining Heritage Series: The Material Culture of Bukit Brown Cemetery  A talk by Dr. Lai Chee Kien, Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore 16 May 2012 (Wednesday)     About NUS Museum: NUS Museum’s mission is to actively facilitate the intellectual and cultural life of the NUS community. Focusing primarily but not exclusively on Southeast Asian art and […]

Nov 25 Tour: Hill 4

Your guide: Keng Kiat (97903886) When: Sunday Nov 25 Times: 9:00 – 11:30 a.m. Note that this tour excludes a visit to the biggest tomb, but a chance to see these life-sized Sikh guards guarding a war hero’s tomb.   ========================================= Come visit Bukit Brown Heritage Park and be introduced to some notable pioneers who had made great contributions to Singapore in the first half of the 20th century, and the historical context of their lives and times.Meeting Place: Under […]

Nov 22: NIE Exhibition

  Venue: NIE Canteen garden Date: Nov 22 Thursday, from noon to Nov 23 What this is about: ‘This is a project by PGDE(SEC) Service Learning Group 30 – Kingdom Raising Hope in conjunction with the Singapore Heritage Society. Our target project is Bukit Brown and our long-term aim is to instill in future generations an awareness of the rich cultural heritage inherent in said cemetery.This exhibition combines both by bringing Bukit Brown to NIE, allowing future teachers to be […]

Nov 24: Outpost @ Bukit Brown

  Join us for a lovely late afternoon walk around Bukit Brown Heritage Park! Date: Nov 24 Time: 4-6 pm We’ll meet just outside the historic gates along Lor Halwa for a 1hr+ walk introducing you to Singapore’s first Chinese Municipal Cemetery. In this walk, you’ll enjoy the lovely greenery and serene environment, see some of Singapore’s wildlife, visit some of our forefathers and learn more about the special heritage aspects of Bukit Brown. Join us to find out why […]

Snapshots 14 & 11 Nov Tours

Participants during the Deepavali Tour conducted by Keng Kiat with back up team Peter Pak and Andrew 11 Nov, Late Afternoon Tour with surprise guide Walter Lim              

Sunday 25 Nov – 3 Gs talk

PLEASE NOTE EVENT HAS BEEN SOLD OUT An offsite event with veteran Brownie Alex Tan Tiong Hee on his memories of Singapore circa 1950s of “Girls, Gangsters and Gentlemen Clubs. What was life like in Singapore when the Maria Hertogh riots of December 1950 broke out; when Mr Lee Kuan Yew became the Prime Minister in June 1959; and when the Beatles became the leading pop group in 1964? Alex Tan, the treasure trove of tales from bygone times, will bring us back in time, […]