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Bukit Brown : Documenting New Horizons of Knowledge

  Bukit Brown : Documenting New Horizons of Knowledge Location: NLB 9th flood from now until 10 October’14 and thereafter it will travel to other regional libraries. The exhibition was officially opened on Saturday 19 July,2014 by MOS (Ministry of National Development) Desmond Lee. It represents almost one and half years of research and working the ground documenting some 4,153 tombstones which are affected by the building of a new highway across Bukit Brown, by a team under the leadership […]

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NDP 2012

NDP ’14 @Bukit Brown Our People, Our Home

  Register for our annual NDP Celebrations for 2014 Date 9 August, Time: 4pm – 7pm Meeting place : Gates of Lorong Halwa, where we will begin by taking a group photo. NDP ’14 (Nations Deceased Pioneers) @ Bukit Brown this year honours the “can do” and caring spirit of our pioneers who helped to forge bonds which built the foundations for SG 50. It is the story of how “Our People” in Bukit Brown made Singapore, “Our Home”. There […]

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Tour group at Bukit Brown [photo: Bianca Polak]

Brotherhood Tour (Sun 20 Jul’14 at 09.00am)

Join Fabian and Andrew for a walk and listen to stories of Brotherhood in Bukit Brown. Disclaimer: By agreeing to take walking tours  of Bukit Brown Cemetery, I understand and accept that I must be physically fit and able to do so.To the extent permissible by law, I agree to assume any and all risk of injury or bodily harm to myself and persons in my care (including child or ward) Please read if you are attending our guided walks for the […]

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Claire Leow leading a walk.

  Time 4pm to 6.30pm  Meeting point at the ‘ole and endangered raintree as you enter on your left Bukit Brown is on the World Monuments Watch list 2014 . Find out what makes this a heritage site worthy of preserving. The guided walk will introduce you to the pioneers who include revolutionaries, social reformers, bankers, war heroes etc and the historical context of their lives and times, and explain tomb architecture and the significance to the after life. For […]

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battlefield tour, jon cooper

  PLEASE NOTE THIS TOUR IS FULL Join Jon Cooper, historian and archaeologist on the Adam Road Project Sunday 17th November  for the Battlefield tour. Meeting point  at the bridge on Sime Road entering Bukit Brown, opposite the SICC traffic light. Start time: 9 a.m. Ends at 11:30 a.m. Reply to this post to register for the tour. This tour is limited to 15 persons. The size is kept small for safety reasons and for ideal interaction as Jon shares the maps, […]

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Han photo Theresa Teng

  Han Yi Jie 寒衣节 By Victor Yue 4 November, 2013 Han Yi Jie, which means “warm clothing event”, is a Chinese tradition when  the start of winter  reminds the people that their ancestors and departed loved ones would also be experiencing the cold. And so, they make offerings of food and warm clothing for them. In Singapore, where it is always warm (hot in fact), such a tradition hardly exists. But, Xuan Jiang Dian 玄江殿, a Chinese temple dedicated […]

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Globalising the Local _ SHS

  Globalising the Local ( a forum organised by the Singapore Heritage Society) 4 November 2013 In December 2012 the historic Singapore Botanic Gardens became a nominee for UNESCO World Heritage site status. In October 2013 Bukit Brown was selected by the World Monuments Fund to be included in the 2014 World Monuments Watch list. Two equally deserving heritage sites on different pathways towards international recognition. What does it mean to be recognised as a World Heritage site or to […]

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