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Battlefield Tour by Jon Cooper (Sun 7 Dec’14, 09.30am – 12.00pm)

Sign up for this tour is limited to 20 participants. We are now using Peatix to manage the registration for this tour. The tickets are free by registration. Peatix ticketing 3 EXTRA TICKETS ADDED FOR THIS TOUR!  Print PDF

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Hard at work (montage by Perry Tan)

Standard Chartered Bank CSR @ Bukit Brown – Take 2

by Perry Tan Standard Chartered Bank In April 2014, in collaboration with All Things Bukit Brown, we conceptualised a guided walk with a  Clean-Up at Bukit Brown, where a team of 35 volunteers from Standard Chartered were taken on a guided tour, before spending  up to 4 hours cleaning  tombs. The organising committee were initially ambivalent about volunteer response and feedback, since such an unique CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) event at a cemetery was previously unheard of. Our ambivalence proved to be […]

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Tour Report: The Sunday Morning Walk

Report for 28 Sept Morning Walk     It was a good start to the lovely Sunday morning as there were a mix of familiar faces and enthusiastic participants who were there for the first time. 15 participants joined Simone and Steven for a stroll around Hill 3 and visited tombs of some of Singapore’s prominent pioneers; including Tan Keong Saik, Chew Boon Lay and Ong Sam Leong who all have roads named after them.The group were taken  back to WW 2 […]

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Keng Kiat introduces grandparents of Lim Boon Keng (Photo: Claire Leow)

  5 tours this coming weekend; 3 tours on Saturday 22nd Feb, 2 tours on Sunday 23 Feb: Please note meeting place for all tours is at entrance to Bukit Brown on Jalan Halwa. Please click on the facebook event links for more details and to register. 1) 22 Feb, 9am- Heritage Tour of Bukit Brown 2) 22 Feb, 9am- Mandarin Tour 3) 22nd Feb, 4pm- OutPost 65: Intro to Bukit Brown 4) 23rd Feb, 9am- Heritage […]

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War map

  Time 9 am – 12 pm MEETING POINT: Junction of Lorong Halwa, Kheam Hock Road and Sime Road. Feb 15, 1942 – Singapore, the “Impregnable Fortress” of the British Empire, falls to the Japanese invading forces. Visit Bukit Brown Cemetery, site of fierce battles involving British (4th Suffolks) and Indian (Royal Deccan Horses) forces, near a village of Chinese and Malay civilians had lived. Your guides are Claire and Ish Singh, and Peter Pak. Together they will help piece […]

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Walter's tour

  2月9日(星期日) : 0900 – 1200 新加坡是个移民社会,不论文化习俗都是由移民所引进,但民间的往来,其实产生一种对流。以坟墓旁的锡克卫兵为例,这是新加坡槟城等地区的独特习俗,但金门墓地也有这类锡克卫兵,这是早期在新加坡工作致富的金门人将这本土文化引进金门。金门最著名的就是抗战碉堡,许多人以为是国共对抗期间建造的,其实它是由长眠于武吉布朗的黄肖岩和林则杨于抗日时所督建。一水之遥的厦门,在世纪发生小刀会起义,创办人陈庆真其实是新加坡出生的英籍华人,小刀会起义还蔓延到上海。武吉布朗导览员林志强将带你参观黄肖岩与小刀会家族,以及金门与厦门先贤坟墓,和你一起探讨这股文化思想之回流。 免责声明: “在本人同意参加武吉布朗的游览活动下,我了解及接受我必须具备体力上的条件。在法律容许的程度下,我同意承担自身及我所看护的人士(包括儿童或我所监护的人士)可能受到身体损伤的任何及所有风险。”若有任何疑点,一概以英文版为准。 Disclaimer: By agreeing to take this walking tour of Bukit Brown Cemetery, I understand and accept that I must be physically fit and able to do so.To the extent permissible by law, I agree to assume any and all risk of injury or bodily harm to myself and persons in my care (including child or ward). 报名: 我们在周末为公众提供的导览服务是免费的 理想人数为一团三十人(平均一名导览员十五人) 请在我们的Facebook活动页面按‘参加’/‘加入’,然后告诉我们共有多少人与你一同参加活动,或直接在活动当天在集合地点(按个别游览活动页面所示)与我们会合。 武吉布朗义工座右铭:风雨无阻,不见不散。 For information on how to get there and handy tips […]

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Four of the Immortals (photo Jim Wong

  Meeting Place for all guided walks : Gates at end of Lorong Halwa Saturday 8 Feb  2014 :   0900- 1200 Bukit Brown is on the World Monuments Watch list 2014 . Find out what makes this a heritage site worthy of preserving. Fabian and Yik Han will shine a light on the notable pioneers including revolutionaries, social reformers, bankers, war heroes etc and the historical context of their lives and times. They will also explain tomb architecture and […]

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